Someone great once said, "There is never a stupid question" - well, we totally agree!
Here are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive here at the shop:


Do you ship internationally?
Absolutely! If you live on planet Earth, we will ship to you.

Is this Alex's official online store?
Yes, it is. We work directly with Alex on every single item available - from idea, to design, to price. He's a little busy, so we help him run it all... But in spirit, every single bit of this shop is Alex Goot's.

Can Alex autograph my merch!?
You know, sometimes we wish we could sit Alex down in a room, and have him sign every single item that goes out... But to put it simply, that's just not possible. I mean, come on, if we did that, when would he be able to record the next "In Your Atmosphere"?

In all seriousness though, Alex loves doing special things for you awesome people, and we love make that happen. So when he does have time, or there is a special release, we try to make special packages/items that absolutely do include an autograph! Don't worry, when those items are available, we make it very clear that they are.

I have an idea for an awesome item that should be available in Alex's shop... Is there any way humanly possible for me to share the idea with you all??
We love great ideas! While we can't promise your idea will be made, you are more than welcome to reach out to us at support@buygoot.com to share it with us.

What exactly does "pre-order" mean?
Okay, to put it simply, it means that a certain product is currently being made, and once it's available and reaches its release date, we will ship it to you immediately. Pre-order items are always clearly marked with "Pre-Order" in their title and product page description. Also, in most cases, if you look at the bottom of a pre-order item's page, you can see the expected shipping date as well!

So wait, if Alex doesn't run this store, who does?
If you'd like, you can think of Alex as Santa Claus, and we're his elves. (Go ahead and let that burn in your memory for a second). No no, but really, that's pretty much how it works around here. Who we are, specifically, is a company called Threadbird. We produce merch, ship it out, and help run online stores like this one.

Just to be clear, do you ship anywhere in the world?
Yes, we really do. We're extremely glad to make sure each package makes its way to wherever it needs to go. We ship domestically and internationally.

My question wasn't answered here...
No problem, just shoot us an email at support@buygoot.com and we'll be glad to help you out. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.